Dark Roasted Blend's got a huge, motley, but all-around entertaining historical survey of WTF kid photos, check them all out.

But the one that hit me is right here: a dad from the 70s taking his kid on his skateboard.

You see, I am just about to buy my kid, the kid, her first skateboard. Which, even though I skated in my day, this nerves this picture wracks for me are exactly the same ones that are freaking out at the idea of my little baby riding a skateboard.

How do we do this when I'm paralyzed with parental anxiety? Or do I just suck it up and help her put her epic fail vids on YouTube?

DRB doesn't credit it, but this a photo of Herbie Fletcher, of the surfing Fletchers, which means this is probably Christian Fletcher, which means I have even less cred and confidence now. Also, my headline is now from the wrong side of the Orange Curtain.

Extreme Parenting & Wild, Wild Kids! Part 2
Read more at http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2014/02/extreme-parenting-wild-wild-kids-part-2.html
[darkroastedblend.com via dt reader rolf]
May 2010: Herbie Fletcher, from Frank Ch. 38: Surf [storkbitesman]
Ch. 38: Surf, Fall 2009 [frank151]
Punk Family Values [nyt]

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