February 22, 2014

Would You Could You On A Plane?

I totally get Kautz's point here, which goes right to the heart of the cultural conflict that gets played out on women and their bodies.

But also, planes are such weird spaces, and people get so little personal space on a plane now anyway. So there's that. If you can't even open a laptop, do you have room to breastfeed a kid? Wouldn't you need/want the whole row, or at least the seat next to you, as "your" space? Not even for privacy, but just to spread out.

The other, immediate failure is Delta's twitter people's response. Have you ever tried to get someone in retail to say "no"? They can't do it. They have been reprogrammed into always-be-selling machines.

"Do you have this in my size?"
"I have this other one in your size."

How can people running something called @DeltaAssist not be trained to say the 140 character version of "I can help you with that!" no matter what the actual request is?

"Can I breastfeed on a plane?"

"Of course, you can bring your own cover, or Delta provides free breastfeeding covers on every flight!"

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