February 13, 2014

Modern Primitives Baby Chair By Aranda\Lasch


Looking around Johnson Trading Gallery for something slightly less utilitarian than $20,000 plywood bookcase sculptures, I found this: the Modern Primitives Baby Chair by Aranda\Lasch.


The New York-based architecture practice produced the Modern Primitives series in collaboration with Fendi for the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale and Design Miami. The fractal foam block structures were arrayed outdoors at the end of the Arsenale, where they could be "sat on, leaned against, held in one's arms." The baby chairs look like they were the smallest encounterable unit. It's possible they could've been Modern Primitives Ottomans if they weren't so darn cute.

Modern Primitives Baby Chair, price on request [johnsontradinggallery]
Also available in white [scroll down]: A furniture rundown with the Johnson Trading Gallery [artfcity]
On site in Venice, 2010: Modern Primitives by Aranda\Lasch [dezeen]

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