February 13, 2014

Furniture Dealers' Kids Always Have The Best RO/LU Plywood Shelves


When you're a pioneering vintage and art furniture dealer, your kid can't fill up just any shelving with her baby swag. It's gotta be special.

That's why Paul Johnson of New York's Johnson Trading Gallery stuffs his kid's stuff in RO/LU Studio's Seven Stacked Benches (after shelves), a modular plywood sculpture/object/furniture/something/amazing by the Minneapolis-based Rosenlof/Lucas.

Judging by the shoutouts to Matt from RO/LU and their dealer Patrick from Mondo Cane, Ima guess that there was a nice, to-the-trading-gallery discount to celebrate the new kid.

Diddy Types approve.

#shelvesfillingupasshegrowsup [johnson_trading's instagram]
Seven Stacked Benches (after shelves), 2012, in plywood, $19,600
Johnson Trading Gallery [johnsontradinggallery.com]

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