February 10, 2014

More Vintage Music For Expectant Fathers

It's been quite a while since Fontanna's smooth 1957 orchestral novelty album, "Music For Expectant Fathers," first turned up on Daddy Types, but I still haven't found any audio from it.

I did hear from the daughter of the guy who modeled for the cover photo, though; she had a nice tribute to him on what turns out to be the anniversary of his untimely passing.

While searching around just now also found, well, it's probably not a sequel. Let's call it a related album. "Music For Expectant Fathers (Out of Wedlock)" seems to have been put out on a dare in the mid-1960s by the Larry Williams Quartette.

According to the notes/review on the back, Williams and his buddies recorded the album in the Atlanta club where they used to perform, The Malibu Lounge. The Malibu, an "attractive, lively lounge [where] fun is the byword," was located on Whipple Avenue in Hapeville. Which, if my math is correct, puts it somewhere under the taxiway at Hartsfield International Airport.

Their venue may be gone, but The Williams Quartette's album lives on. And thanks to vintage recordings collector Mark Betcher, one song, "Spanish Garden," has made its way online. It's enough to help understand why they're primarily collected for their album cover.

Music For Expectant Fathers (Out of Wedlock) [artworkbymanicmark]
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