February 7, 2014

Are You The Ciao! Manhattan Baby At Max's Kansas City?

Here is rare footage of Max's Kansas City, the Park Avenue South hangout for the New York art world in the 1960s and 70s. It was shot by David Weisman, probably in 1967, as B-roll for Ciao! Manhattan, which he co-directed with John Palmer.

I'm guessing it's 1967 because Paul America appears in the footage, and he disappeared halfway through the long, drawn out, disorganized production, only to be discovered in prison in 1968, facing 20 years on some marijuana charge.


Anyway, that's not important now. What I want to know is, who is bringing their kid to Max's Kansas City? Clearly, she's sacked out, because as Weisman says, they're shooting after midnight. We're looking for a folk singin' type in a mohair sweater with cutting edge views of multi-racial family. [Remember, Loving v. Virginia was only decided in 1967, too.]

A YouTube commenter says the guy looks like Levon Helm, legendary drummer for The Band, but Helm's daughter wasn't born til the end of 1969. Also, she seems pretty white.


Point is, Max's Kansas City is now a deli, and I'd like to sit down with this 49-year-old woman and her dad and hear their stories over a box of Cheerios.

Max's Kansas City b-roll footage [youtube via dt pal geeta]

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