January 27, 2014

Rocking Hoth Roundup


These rocking tauntauns have bubbled up from the random picdump sites last week, and are now appearing on more mainstream blogs. There is no information available yet about who made them or where. All we know is the build quality is excellent; the furry details on the mdf are a special touch, and the center of gravity is so freakin' high, both kids took a header onto grandma's astroturfed sunporch before lunch, and ended up with stitches and a triple visit from the tooth fairy.


While the painted details feel a little suboptimal and the ears look more bunny than tauntaun, and the stain's darker than most traditional Hoth crafts, the rocking tauntaun made by scificity's friend last fall is the safer bet. Anchoring the tail and lowering the seat height are both smart design decisions. Maybe make it with that dimpled surface and simplified face from up top.


Alas, it looks like yanmostees' rocking AT-AT has not left the blueprint stage. And the t-shirt link doesn't even work anymore. Apparently everyone has fled the Rocking Hoth market to rendezvous at some Disney-approved merchandising point.

way cooler than rocking horses [cheezburger via dt reader nathan]
Rocking Taun Taun my friend made for some expecting parents [scificity]
Rocking AT-AT [neatorama]

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