January 24, 2014

Forget It, Karl-Heinz, It's Playmobland


Gotten goods never prosper ! The fence is not better than the stealer ! 22 Jan 2014, @playmobklau01

I am not really understanding the nuances of graphic designer Karl-Heinz Weiss's Twitter stream, but anything that results in more morality tales ripped from today's headlines and illustrated with Playmobil schematic diagrams is to be encouraged.

Oh wait, if I read his Google+ profile correctly, Weiss designed the Playmobil assembly instructions in 1993, created hundreds of images for the company, and never received proper compensation for an extensive regime of copyright infringement. Playmobland.blogspot.deis Weiss's blog where he takes issue with the company's practices in an extended and repeated way.

| Karl-Heinz Weiss, Freiberuflicher Designer / Freelance Designer

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