January 23, 2014

All I Want For Christmas Is DemBabies.com


Regular readers of Daddy Types know we don't go in for celebrity parenting around here. Celebrities are just like us, we figure, except for all the free baby swag they hustle, and so don't warrant special attention.

We're taking a break from that woefully backwards position, though, because HOLY CRAP, I know SOMEONE who doesn't need Kidpost.

Mariah Carey and her baby daddy Nick have a website for their twins, and it's called Dem Babies. DemBabies.com. Let me repeat that. DemBabies.com. Say it out loud with me. DemBabies. Dotcom.

And DAYUM, if that name alone isn't inspired enough, Nick is REALLY taking one for the team here with this costume. When you're baby mama-ing with the star of Glitter, I guess it's really hard to second guess The Vision, though. And why would you?? He knows that it is all about his star who brought these bunnies into the world.


Aha, fine print, I see that they are selling the publication rights for these candid family photos--oh nothin', just hanging out in a cocktail dress, diamond ropes and bunny ears, LIKE I DO, or just getting on the fractional jet LIKE I DO--to interested media outlets and donating the proceeds to the Fresh Air Fund's Camp Mariah. Every angle is so COVERED!

Anyway, I don't know what's in the website beyond the front page, and I don't really want to know. the URL and the capitalism are enough for this simple web traveler. If you see anything good, though, give it a shoutout in the comments. [Also, Moroccan? I like it. More of this naming strategy, please.]

DemBabies.com - Monroe & Moroccan [dembabies.com via @MichelleLHOOQ]

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