January 4, 2014

The Artists' Colouring Book Of ABCs, For Kids Company

original drawing for cover by Bob & Roberta Smith

The artist coloring book has crossed the pond.

boxed, hardcover limited edition, with Chapman bros. silkscreen

Last month Kids Company, a London charity that provides a range of basic services and support for inner-city youth, launched The Artists' Colouring Book of ABCs, with pages from a whole host of Young Middle Aged British Artists, plus some Americans.

They had a benefit auction gala to sell the original drawings, co-hosted by the Serpentine Gallery. There is still a hardcover limited edition, with a signed silkscreen print by Jake & Dinos Chapman [O is for Eyeballs?]. Otherwise, you can get the trade edition at Amazon.

C is for something I can't tell, let's just go with it, by Alex Katz

As with many coloring books by non-coloring book professionals, the colorability of the pages themselves vary widely. This is especially true of artist coloring books, which one should buy for the high cultural thrill, giftiness, and philanthropic worthiness, rather than to actually engage a kid's creative attentions.

I is for a million indistinguishable stick figures, do you really think you are an I? by Gary Hume

So don't get too persnickety if Alex Katz's C is for Pine Trees doesn't make alphabetical sense. Or if the coloring experience of Gary Hume's I is for the Impossibility of Individuality would drive a kid to distraction. On the other hand, the flouncy post-modern potter Grayson Perry's P page is packed with enough P words to make an actually entertaining search.


Buy The Artists' Colouring Book of ABCs at Amazon for around $17 [amazon]
Buy the ltd ed. of The Artists' Colouring Book of ABCs for $210 [yoox.com]
See all the original drawings and the full artists list [theartistscolouringbookofabcs.com]


I assumed that the trees on the C page were conifers.

How about C is for CONIFER ?

Or C is for congratulations for solving it. Thanks!

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