December 18, 2013

One Small Buy In Now For Dad, The Moon Cars For Mankind


So think about it. In 1969-70, it was the Cultural Revolution, a wholesale disruption of the entire Chinese civilization that shipped all the city folk to scrounge for yams on dirt farms in the provinces. Meanwhile, America was not only sending astronauts to the moon, they were playing golf there, and driving around in crazy awesome moon cars.

Flash forward forty years, and China's just landed their own shiny gold rover on the moon, While I can't manage two minutes at my creaky old blog to post about these awesome, vintage MIB Creative Playthings Moon Cars on eBay before someone snaps them both up. For $15.

Sometimes, though, we get a second chance. And four more just popped up, same seller, same price. The little astronauts might be kind of choke hazardy, but these are still awesome. I left three for you.

Details about 1970's Creative Playthings "Moon Car" Wood Toy #B0118 New Old Stock Vintage
4 3 available, $15.77+7 s/h buy it now

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