December 3, 2013

'Supermax Creche'


Life under capitalism is a supermax creche in which 'neither growing up nor working hard will do you any good'. Madame Tlank and Clinical Wasteman anatomise the dialectic of childhood and adulthood as one in which wise children of all ages refuse both 'maturity' (or liability) and infancy (captivity). They conclude with a working definition of 'adulthood' decoupled from 'childhood': the power to decline to go on living under given conditions
Honestly, I've been so slammed with holidays and work and stuff, I can't even find time to figure out who tweeted this essay at me from Mute Magazine about the woeful political state of childhood and adulthood. But I am so stoked about the opening line of the summary, I'm going to start selling "Life under capitalism is a supermax creche" t-shirts, onesies, and cross-stitch pillow kits before Christmas.

Down With Adulthood And Childhood [ via some awesome communist, apparently, I follow on twitter]
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