December 3, 2013

Etihad Airlines And Flying Nannies Both Exist

I'll be honest, I don't fly in and out of Abu Dhabi, but I'd still like to think I'd at least heard of Etihad Airways before seeing their logo plastered all over the off-the-hook UAE college student conference which was being held at my parents' hotel over the weekend.

Anyway, poking around online, Etihad turns out to have just launched their Flying Nannies service, onboard childcare experts who sound like Mary Poppins, but who may end up being just a flight attendant who thinks of the children.

The Flying Nanny provides kids with toys, games, food, patient sympathy, encouragement--supportive, distracting attention, basically, but not actual childcare--while, what? While their actual nannies are stuck back in coach? While their parents are watching six movies in a row?

How is this different from any flight attendant who brings a kid wings and a coloring book and chicken strips? If you've experienced a Flying Nanny's highly trained attentions on your recent trip to/through the Gulf, please explain it. Because otherwise, all we know is that they invited actual children to the press event, which must have been very odd.

Fun Onboard | Our Flying Nanny []
Etihad Flying Nanny Launch Event [youtube]


That may be the most stilted launch I've ever seen. But wait--Scissors on a Plane? It all makes sense now.

Hmm, Etihad was apparently the first to offer strollers, and maybe the first with a kids lounge?

I've got an expat friend in AUH who has four Etihad tix booked to the USA this summer for herself and her three kids. She plans to accept as much help as the Flying Nannies are willing to offer on those flights.

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