November 26, 2013

Wienermobile Say Drive Safely This Thanksgiving


Whereas the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile fleet and the activities of the HotDogger teams of newly minted marketing/PR majors who pilot them has been an area of investigative focus at DaddyTypes, and

Whereas, that includes that one time in 2009 when Team WEENR drove that Wienermobile into that lady's house near Lake Michigan, and

Whereas, Team WEENR had tweeted about how awesome it was getting drunk with some parents after that one public event in North Dakota,

DaddyTypes will endeavor to find out what the hell happened to this Wienermobile, the photo of which noted Goodnight Loon creator @abesauer says came from reddit. BRB.

UPDATE: Twitter reports say it's from Wisconsin and/or 2008. Still looking into it. AAND here it is, thanks to just freakin' Googlin' it: The accident happened on Feb. 10, 2008 on RT15 two miles south of Mansfield, PA. George Osgood's report for the Star-Gazette's Wellsboro bureau has additional photos and details, including a quote from the tow truck driver claiming this was "the first wiener I've ever pulled out."

And with that, we move on.

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