November 11, 2013

Goodnight Loon: Make It Happen, People!


OK, this counts as a major scandal, at least in Minnesotan terms. I've seen Abe Sauer tweet about Goodnight Loon, a Northwoods parody of Clement Hurd and Margaret Wise Brown's perennial classic, for a week now, and I just assumed it was a nice product he was involved with, the perfect bedtime book for the long dark winter in Duluth. And so I had plenty of time to give it the Daddy Types onceover.

BUT NO. It turns out that low-key occasional tweeting is Minnesota PR. It's how these hardy souls promote their new, amazing crowdsourcing campaigns, trying to reach their fundraising goal without drawing undue attention to themselves. How could I have been so blind?

Anyway, now we all need to get a Goodnight Loon boardbook for anyone who's ever conceived, given birth, or changed planes in, Minneapolis. And for anyone who's ever left the radio station unchanged when Prairie Home Companion comes on, they need two. For four people who schedule their car errands around PHC, meanwhile, there are actual copies of Goodnight Loon signed and personalized by Garrison Keillor himself. Not sure how that happened, but heck, get goin', time's a wastin'.

Goodnight Loon: A Northwoods Book Tribute [ via @abesauer]

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