October 31, 2013

Babies By Konrad Lueg


Konrad Lueg went on to become Konrad Fischer, a hugely important art dealer, who introduced many American conceptual and minimalist artists' work to Germany and beyond. But before that, he was a straight-up artist himself, and was super-tight with Gerhard Richter and Sigmar Polke.

They did a performance/show/stunt in a German department store in 1963 to introduce their answer to American Pop Art and Eastern bloc Socialist Realism. Obviously, they called their movement Capitalist Realism.

This print of a bunch of babies from magazine ads was included in a 1968 portfolio of Capitalist Realist Graphics published by Rene Block. I've only ever seen one come up for sale, but you can see the prints at the Walker Art Center's collection website. And Leug's artwork is being shown for basically the first time in the US at Greene Naftali Gallery right now. Hop to.

Babies from Grafik des Kapitalistischen Realismus [walkerart.org]
Konrad Lueg at Greene Naftali Gallery through Nov. 16, 2013 [greenenaftaligallery.com]

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