October 30, 2013

'Ohh You're Crying, Monkey. OK, Mommy's Done.'

This video starts out, "Mommy's gonna sing you a song. You want Mommy to sing a song, honey? Let me know how you feel about the song."

Mommy is holding a video camera. Someone else is sitting silently next to Mommy, on Mommy's right.

Then Mommy starts singing "My Heart Can't Tell You No," by the country singer Sara Evans.

Honey's is rapt. Honey's eyes start welling up with tears. &c. &c.

At the end of the song, Mommy says, "Ohhh, you're crying, Monkey. OK. Mommy's done."

Then Alain Leroux creates a YouTube account and uploads two videos: this one is given the title, "Emotional baby! Too cute!" The other video has been deleted.

In a week, the video has received nearly 5 million views, and those wishing to "use this video in a commercial player" are instructed to contact licensing@storyful.com.

I think Mommy and Alain both knew how Honey/Monkey would feel about the song before they pressed "record." Because sensitive parents get attuned to such behavioral nuances.

Emotional baby! Too cute! [youtube via theawl]

1 Comment

Weren't those high chairs recalled? That one looks brand new. Maybe not in Ontario.

And she's totally not selling the "You feel the pain in the song" bit. Too many rehearsals, she went stale.

Slightly more background here http://tva.canoe.ca/emissions/vlog/video/le-bebe-le-plus-sensible-du-monde-912641

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