October 14, 2013

Papa Wants The Best For You

Wow, OK, so after starring in Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach," Danny Aiello made a response video from the dad's point of view? It was called "Papa Wants The Best For You."

Dangerous Minds has the backstory about the long-lost video, which Aiello had posted to his own website several months ago after 30-whatever years.

Let's just say you don't need to concern yourself with how it is; the fact that it is at all should be enough.

And seriously, if it's not, then check out the sweet Richard Dattner PlayCubes in the New York City background of this one shot:


That's too 80s: Remember that 'Papa Don't Preach' Answer Video from Papa's POV? [dangerousminds]
Previously: PlayCubes: the Richard Dattner MidCap that didn't stick

1 Comment

That hook is about 90% Joey Sacrubury's "Greatest American Hero."

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