September 30, 2013

Damien Hirst ABC Boardbook


From the Department of Things I Might Have Been Somewhat Excited About At One Point, At Least As Blog Fodder, But Now Would Be Happier If It Never Existed: it's an ABC boardbook by Damien Hirst.

Of course D is for Diamonds. Because D is for Dissection is too uncomfortable, and D is for Desperate is too self-aware.


Now that the world has to have one, I'd rather see an unauthorized Hirst ABC book. Here, I made the first page:


Damien Hirst's ABC Book launches Oct. 1 with a little get-together at Other Criteria in London. [othercriteria via guardian]
If you bought Damien Hirst ABC from Amazon UK for around
it'd simultaneously ease my pain and reopen the wound [amazon uk]
Or less worse, wait two weeks and buy Damien Hirst ABC from Amazon US for just $15. [amazon]

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