September 29, 2013

FrankenDiesel Wha Wha Wha? 1999 Mercedes E300TD On eBay


Oh hi, car that shouldn't exist!

So I'm just taking a Sunday evening stroll through the Mercedes station wagons on eBay, as one does, and there's this crazy thing: a 1999 E300 Turbodiesel Wagon.

Which was a model that Mercedes never actually produced, at least not for the US. There was an E320 Wagon, of course, and an E300 Turbodiesel sedan, which is still highly sought after, and was the last diesel in the MBUSA lineup until the CDI showed up in, what, 2005?

And yet here's some guy in Santa Monica with a Ferrari on his lot who casually [and kind of cryptically] writes,

Coversion to diesel was done to specs using all original parts.
Car Passed Dmv Inspection.
Mint condition, 7 passenger. Silver.

There was under carriage damage, but we installed a whole new engine and transmition (all original mercedes parts) effective conversion from gas to diesel.(approved by the dmv)

OK. Sure enough, it has an engine!


So besides the unclear description, and the unhelpful-to-uninspiring photos, is this conversion even possible? If it's real, is it desirable? And I mean, in the real world, not my Mercedes fantasy league, where a W210 E300TD is already on the starting team. Is it easy? If so, why hasn't it happened before?

Is this a magic unicorn or a mule with a traffic cone strapped to its head?

1999 Mercedes-Benz E300 Base Wagon4-Door 3.0 Turbo Diesel, $20,000 Buy It Now, auction ends Sept 30 [ebay]

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