September 26, 2013

I Think You're Gonna Need A Bigger VICKS Logo


Honestly, I think if the Vicks logo had actually been this big I might have noticed it before we bought these things.

K2's been fighting the first cold of the school year, the kind of thing that happens when you stuff 18 4&5 year-olds into a classroom all day.

And then she comes home and does nothing but complain about how the tissues are smelly, and I'll be damned, she's right. Back when I was a boy, tissues were only laced with aloe, and Vicks was a vap-o-rub that kept you from rolling over onto your stomach.

Now we've got Puffs Plus Lotion Plus Vicks. I'm huffing one right now. Why not just put Vicks in the kids' shirt sleeves and call it a day?

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