September 25, 2013

Those Old-Time Politicians Sure Had Some Names

Granted, they were no Puritans, but as Andy Osterdahl's blog ably proves, turn-of-the-last-century politicians had some unusual names.

Flagget H. Trabbic.
Galius Zwick.
Vendome Tickner.
Friend of Frogs. [Oh wait, that's a headline.]

The list goes on, a dozen at least. But is it really that odd to name someone Vendome? Or Oval? I'm not sure Osterdahl's blog isn't actually documenting a lull, a trough of relative normalcy in baby naming trends. The arc of American baby naming history is long, but it bends toward Justycce.

The Strangest Names In American Political History
A Site Dedicated to American Political Figures With Strange, Odd, Humorous and Unusual Names! © [©? Really? On a 19th century name/clippings list? politicalstrangenames via dt reader rolf]
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