September 16, 2013

DT Friday Freakout: Monday Makeup Edition

Yeah, the weekend was pretty shot, even without this assortment of headlines from the worlds of health, science, education, and parenting. So let's just this once ruin your whole week, or if you remember some of these from last week, let's ruin this week, too, hmm?

  • First off, whoa, how could it not be, right? "Testicle size 'linked to father role'"? Which was tough study to cover because it pits one cultural superlative--good dad--against another--big balls. And the guys who fixate on the latter are prone to cut the former loose. So until masculine identity can embrace both attentive parenting aspirations and nut size equanimity, we're all stuck angsting about packages way more than we otherwise would have. Thanks for nothing, Science! [bbc via dt sr freakout correspondent sara]

  • A 3-year-old whose fad diet-chasing parents diagnosed her with a bunch of allergies, and who was fed "a severely restricted diet that is limited to chickpea milk, bison meat, and salicylate-free vegetables," finally turned up at the doctor with a bundle of third world-style, malnutrition-related conditions that would bring Sally Struthers to tears. [healio via, uh,]

  • 2013 looks like it'll be the worst year for measles outbreaks in nearly 20 years, thanks to poorly informed vacctivists who put their own kids and the under 1yos around them at risk of the deadly and preventable disease. [cnn

  • Whoops, this tab's been open a while: Baby Jogger has recalled car seat adaptors for both single and double strollers after 47 reports of them breaking and car seats tumbling to the ground in uncute ways. [cpsc]

Yeah, you know, that's it, really it was the allergy/starvation people and the vacctivists that got me. You?

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