September 16, 2013

Aunt Edna Not Included: 1971 Ford Country Squire Seats Ten


This 1971 Ford Country Squire wagon is a California blue plate special in beautiful-looking condition. It features top-of-the-line woodgrain side paneling [and matching woodgrain look on the roof rack] over original paint in a color the factory once called Medium Green Poly, but which we might recognize now as Family Truckster Green.


With two bench seats and the optional dual side-facing rear seats, it can seat 10 people. The Brady Bunch plus Alice, plus cousin Oliver. Which is crazy.

That only seven people cared enough to bid on such a vehicle, and none of them thought it was worth even a quarter of what the dealer thinks it's worth, pretty much sums up the state of appreciation of vintage station wagons in these our United States. The land of second chances, it has been relisted.

1971 Ford Other 400 V8 LTD COUNTRY SQUIRE WAGON WITH DFRS!, current bid: $200, previous high bid, $3,161, BIN $12,500, auction ends again, Sept. 23 [ebay via dt wagon shark nathan]

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