September 8, 2013

You're With Me, Leather: Ferrari Custom Booster Seat


DT reader Todd spotted this custom booster seat & beach towel combination in a Ferrari F430 Spider at his kid's back-to-school-night. Definitely an improvement over the official licensed Ferrari Booster Seat:


A couple more years, inches and pounds, and you can get the smaller booster seat that fits in the frunk.

Also available at Wal-Mart: the Ferrari Dreamway Booster Seat is around $143 at Amazon [amazon]


Guess the only problem with having a Ferrari booster seat is that it will look a bit naff if you don't happen to be driving a Ferrari. It's like keeping your $5 sunglasses in a RayBan case!

Guess I'll need to save up for a Ferrari - or should that be the RayBans?

Yes, though I'd say that's the central problem of a whole range of problems with having a Ferrari booster seat.

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