August 15, 2013

Black Plate Special: Cherry Chevy Malibu Wagon In Utah


You never forget your kid's first classic car photo shoot. We are in Salt Lake City for a little grandparent facetime, and this sweet California black plate Chevy Malibu wagon merged onto the freeway next to us, and then took off. I went in hot pursuit, and handed my iPhone back to K2, and told her to start snapping.


I think it's a 1966, Chevelle Malibu with the 283-in. V-8. The road warrior driving it might have been the son of the original owner, or maybe it's him. Either way, we gave him the thumbs up.


A few months ago my mother-in-law gave K2 an old Elph camera, and so she's been snapping away. Though she obviously knows nothing of composition yet.


It's like she's just documenting her presence, not even the passage of time so much as her passage through space. So when she was tasked with taking pictures of something specific, the car, it was a bit out of character for her.


There were a couple of photos where she was like, "I got it! Oh wait, I missed the whole thing!" Looking, thinking, and photographing don't yet go together for her. She just points in a general direction and pushes the button.


One thing I find interesting about her having her own camera is that it's also a repository for her images. Since she doesn't have access to a computer, if a photo gets deleted from her camera after uploading, from her perspective, it's lost forever. So she likes to keep everything. And she's just as likely to use her camera to look at old photos as to take new ones.

Anyway, rad old wagon on Utah highway photographed by small child for dad's blog. Just one of those days.


Here's a similar 1966 Chevelle Malibu 283 4-door wagon for sale in Arizona for $27,500. [azcarsandtrucks]

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