August 6, 2013

Brooklyn OSB Nusery Hive By Openshop


While searching around for OSB kid furniture I came across this loft renovation that Openshop did in 2006. The architects stuck the master bedroom and a nursery into a big OSB form they called a hive. To soften things up a bit, and perhaps underscore the hive theme, they stuck hexagonal FLOR carpet tiles here and there.

Naturally, Dwell Magazine was ON it.

Bummer about the crib bumpers., but otherwise, high five for the kid's Andean peasant tunic and the classic Oeuf Crib.

Dwell | Hive Minded [dwell]
Openshop Studio []

UPDATE FROM THE COMMENTS: Ben rightly points out that OSB is a crappy material for kid-related projects, because it is tough to finish and constantly sheds.


Hi Greg, are you reallly looking for Kids furniture in OSB? I have been working with that material a lot and though its Look is still appealing to me (and the Price Tag as well), i cannot recommend it for private indoor use, especially Not for Kids. First of all its surface is (and stays) open, meanning that Chips of wood will come loose and into your hands when gliding on the surface (think pushing a toy Car around). Sealing the surface is Not always helpful, nor too healthy. And Grinding the surface is a hell of work and still no guarantee for no chips coming loose. Second thought might be cleaning: you wont be able to use a cloth to wipe your furniture since you will end up with a ripped cloth and tiny pieces of cloth in the wood surface. Vaccuming the surface helps/works, but you end up doing this quite often, since all the cracks and craters in the surface work like little dust magnets.
So...think again ... What do you say.

Good points, I am all type on the issue, no action, but this will explain why we don't see more OSB projects.

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