August 5, 2013

Plywood's Plywood, Except They Call It Le Plywood


Remember your first backpacking trip to Europe, when you were blown away by the sophisticated design of the continent's youth hostels? Well, now you can relive the memories. Just head over to Wary Meyers and marvel at the collection of European kids' rooms from 1978, scanned "from the pages of some old Abitare magazines."

I love the combination of unadorned minimalist tyranny and complete safety standard anarchy. Good times, when both you and your mattress could fall onto your sleeping baby brother every night.


And this sweet diagonal crib reminds me of the contest-winning crib of death, the criticism of which got DT blacklisted from design*sponge. Slat width: it really is the little differences.

European Kids Rooms circa 1978 [warymeyers]

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