August 5, 2013

From The Dutch: Astronaut Duvet And Modular OSB Shelving


You know what bugs me? Retailers who don't mention the designers or manufacturers. Giggle does that, so does Fancy, a Pinterest-looking shoppertainment site.

When I saw this cool astronaut duvet set, I had a feeling it might be by the Dutch masters of photoprinted bedding that looks like a cardboard homeless shelter, Snurk Beddengoed, and I was right.

Snurk's new astronaut bedspread is as awesome as their new princess bedspread is hideous. Seriously, they should randomly ship the "wrong" one, just on principle. [Just in case you wondered why I don't run either a store or a manufacturer.] But what caught my attention was this shelf, which looks to have been elaborately routed out and built up from OSB.


But zoom in, and you see they're modular units that lock together like puzzle pieces:


So we can guess that they are Dutch, and the Dutch word for plywood is multiplex, and laminate is plaatmaterial. And they turn out to be KWART, the modular shelving system made of FSC-certified OSB, designed by Ward Huting, of Huting & de Hoop for Dutch commercial furniture company Palau.


Frankly, I think anything but unfinished misses the entire point of using OSB, but your decorator may vary.

Buy Snurk's Astronaut duvet cover and pillowcase for EUR60 [, via @telstarlogistics]
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