July 24, 2013

Area Man Installs Car Seat Incorrectly

So every thing these people do is going to be picked apart my everyone in the entire world?

Count me out. [via publicists for Purveyors of Infant Car Seats to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, apparently]


Related: The Queen prefers Huggies. [royalwarrant.org]


The mom-shaming carseat kerfuffle is embarrassing.

I was much more excited for the Daddytypes coverage when I read in the NY Times that Prince William drove mom and baby home in a dark station wagon. But then I started looking for photos to see what kind of station wagon that could be. Volvo? Mercedes? A custom Bentley on loan from Prince Jeffri?

But oh no, it wasn't a station wagon at all. Just a Range Rover. Sigh.

EXACTLY. The first pictures I saw were of the semi-swaddled kid in the car seat, which is always tricky, so whatryagonnado. He might as well drive home with the the kid on his lap, and when the outrage hits, just be like, "We're country, y'all!"

And then there was a view of a side mirror which momentarily gave me some station wagon hope. Obviously that didn't end well either.

If anything, I may look into this whole Royal Warrant situation, which is basically a 1,000-year-old system of celebrity product endorsement, that ends with Kimberly Clark using the Queen to promote Kotex and Huggies.

Paparazzi mark your calendars: July 22, 2015. We'll need to know if the kid's forward-facing yet.

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