July 11, 2013

Worst Daddy


I thought that even by Japlish standards, Worst Daddy was the world's strangest name for a water purifier company.

But looking it up online, it turns out to be one of the newest teams in the Hida Takayama amateur baseball league. The team page is hosted by a flower shop in Hida [the St. Paul to Takayama's Minneapolis], and the owner of the ramen-ya where we had lunch is apparently a founding player.

So Worst Daddy's not just water; it's a lifestyle. Ganbare!

Worst Daddy Presents [hidaseika.com]

GEAR UPDATE: I couldn't link to it on Facebook from the road, but several people have asked about Worst Daddy t-shirts and caps, and they exist. They mostly have a Mickey Mouse-meets-Misfits theme going on. Like the ghoulish Walt Disney-lookin' logotype on the team jersey:


There must be at least one lawyer on the team, though, because according to the Worst Daddy team page,, they're not currently for sale. But. The ramen shop where I saw this water cooler also had skeleton-Mickey Worst Daddy stickers for sale. So it's not a 100% non-commercial operation. I'll keep looking into it. Maybe we can do a deal where we print up enough shirts to outfit a Worst Daddy virtual expansion team.

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Where are the t-shirts?

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