July 8, 2013

Baby Norinori


Saw this car window sticker at Tokyu Hands at Shinjuku. It's hilarious because it says Baby Norinori desu, which sounds like "baby riding," but actually means, "Baby dancin' like crazy."

Maybe it's slightly hilarious. Amusing. It'd be funnier if it were less than the ¥850 they want for these things.

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We visited Tokyo for three weeks with two kids and never were at a loss for things to do. Watch the Morning Show, a Sesame Street style show that is amazing. Most definitely go to Hanegi Play Park (Setagaya), a crazy adventure play ground with open fires and amazing kid-built structures. The park is famous for plum blossoms but this playground is the most amazing thing in the world. Say hi to Noriko, the amazing adult facilitator. You have to do this!!

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