June 29, 2013

DIY Totem Box Furniture From Cardboard Collective


When we last saw the DIY goodness of Cardboard Collective, chief cardboard comrade Amber was just selling a couple of copies of the vintage Japanese cardboard kids furniture mooks that inspired her global movement.

Now she's added plans of her own. Cardboard Collective's etsy storefront now features plans, instructions, and a video tutorial for making Totem Boxes: sturdy, stackable, faceted cardboard modules that can become a stool, a table or a storage system.

The boxes look so simple, and I guess after you make a few, they are. But geometry is hard! Let's go shopping! I just bought the plans myself, and I confess, I would not have figured out how to make them on my own. They look very doable, though, and the illustrated directions are not scary at all.


If you end up making a toy-filled banana box version of Norman Foster's Hearst Tower before we do, please send pics.

Cardboard Totem Boxes: pattern and video tutorial, $12 instand pdf/video download [cardboardcollect's etsy]
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