June 23, 2013

Too Legit Too Cute: Rap Onesies


I saw on Twitter were someone had been stopped cold by a Wu Tang onesie, and I was all, "Well, why shouldn't there be a Wu Tang onesie?" And there turn out to be tons of them.

You can get bootlegs on etsy, and even on Amazon, but if you're gonna do that, you should just inkjet iron-transfer print or silk screen your own.

Because the array of officially licensed MC, musician, and band onesies offered by Rockabilia is amazing, and truly deserves to be rewarded. They have been tirelessly wholesaling actual licensed merch from somewhere in Minnesota since 1997.


But even so, there are more styles of Ramones onesies available than all the rap and hip hop onesies combined. Besides Wu Tang Clan, there's a RUN DMC onesie and a Public Enemy onesie, and that's it.


And despite the title, there appear to be no MC Hammer onesies. Which, now that you think about it, wouldn't those pants be perfect for a diaper? Let's get on this, people.

Search for band onesies at Rockabilia, for like $21/each, at Amazon [amazon]

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