June 18, 2013

Kalon Caravan Pink Crib Giving Me Uncomfortable Feelings


Oh, what is going on? Why am I feeling this way?

We were so determined to thwart the Pink Industrial Complex with the kid, and we generally succeeded. With K2, we have basically failed miserably. The experience leads me to the conclusion that there's more to being a feminist and raising feminists than angsting over the color pink. But still. STILL. THERE ARE LIMITS.

And ask me cold, I would have said a pink crib and a pink-accented nursery crosses those limits. Extraneous girliness, must be rejected.


And yet. There's something almost hypnotically attractive about Kalon Studio's limited edition [summer only!] pink Caravan crib. I can't stop staring at it. Seriously. It's the near-neon-ness of it, I guess. Like a pair of running shorts you can't help notice as they pass you on the boardwalk. Maybe that's not the right frame of mind for a crib, even if it's what got you in the crib-buying situation in the first place.

ANYWAY, Kalon does everything else right: local manufacture, sustainability, craftsmanship, price, so somehow their mystical merchandising power has extended to color. Definitely check it out while you can. Or lash yourself to the mast, and have Siri go straight to the other six finishes for you.

Kalon Studios, Caravan Crib, $695, limited edition "near-neon pink" available only during the summer [kalonstudios via publicist]

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