June 12, 2013

Browning Crib By Aaron Coston


When devoted gun guy Aaron Coston found out his wife was expecting their first child, he knew what he had to do: design and build the kid a crib inspired by the craftsmanship and innovation of firearms legend John Browning.

And somehow he pulled it off with remarkable subtlety and refinement, and now Coston has shared the story with the readers of Gun & Tactics.

The front rail is shaped like two stocks from the 1894 Winchester. The back rail has cutouts reminiscent of his grandpa's 20 gauge Browning Auto 5 which, Coston points out, conform to the federal crib standards [which, I'd point out, are a data-driven, safety-inspired government regulation that Coston apparently does not find outrageous or objectionable]. There are black-finished steel stock posts [also safely spaced], and much more, but my absolute favorite detail of all has to be the .45 ACP cartridges Coston used to cover the bolt holes. A truly elegant solution.


Whatever your views on gun policy, I think we can all agree that this is one hell of a crib build. May all Costons big and small sleep through the night.

Starting Them Early [gunandtactics via gundesign via @langealexandra]

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And let's not forget the endcaps on the posts inspired by the slides on a 1911 .45 handgun!

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