June 4, 2013

Famous OTO Cardboard Food Truck Is Crowdsourcing Right Now


There are few things more annoying than an ice cream truck, especially when they just roll up like clockwork at your playground, and the half of the kids whose parents don't care what kind of crap they eat or what kind of parasite they buy it from all go running, and the other half of the kids start pestering me for five bucks or whatever, and suddenly I'm the meanest dad and totally unfair.

But other than that, this cardboard ice cream truck called Famous OTO, designed by Måns Swanberg, which is currently raising money for production, is awesome! And it's a necessary first step to getting what I'd really want my kid to play in: artisanal foodtrucks.

Says Swanberg, "I have a massive list of other trucks I want to make down the line - tacos, noodles, BBQ, churros, hot dogs, hot rods, lemonade, the list goes on and on..."

So let's get this ice cream truck campaign on Indiegogo done and out of the way, so the kid-sized kimchi taco trucks can start rolling off the four-color presses, ASAP. Because right now it's too cute to paint over.

UPDATE: the other obvious solution is to release a plain cardboard truck, suitable for decorating. Then it could be the knife-sharpening truck, or the Cheech & Chong Up In Smoke truck, or whatever truck your kid's imagination has been programmed to create.

Famous OTO cardboard ice cream truck funding campaign ends June 17 [indiegogo via swiss miss]


There's a knife sharpening truck that has been cruising Manhattan neighborhoods forever playing a tune that is similar to (although more pleasant than) the one heard from ice cream trucks. For the first 4-5 years our friends were able to keep their kids convinced that the knife sharpener was in coming every time they heard the Mr. Softee song saving themselves many dollars and ice cream stained shirts. I doubt we'll see much interest in cardboard printed knife sharpening trucks.

""I have a massive list of other trucks I want to make down the line - tacos, noodles, BBQ, churros. . ." [for when my kids want to play Portlandia?]

I hate food trucks. Get a f&^%ing lease already, ya parasites.


I told my kids the ice cream truck was just a music truck. Being friendly and playing music for the neighborhood. Worked for 4 years. Then my uncle said to my son, "Dude, you know that music truck sells ice cream, right?" And the gig was up.

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