June 3, 2013

NickMom Points Out Obvious


Not content with filling latenight TV with girly gossip and unfunny poo jokes, Nick Mom has decided to take on the online college course and nanny referral industries by producing pointless, viral-ready infographics.

Which, you know, I just got suckered into posting about, too. So to make up for it, I'm not linking to NickMom's site, but to the Daily Mail's, as if the British really gave a damn whether the top baby girl's name in South Dakota last year was Emma or Sophia?

Is your name Isabella? You must live in Florida: How America's top baby monikers vary from state to state, By Margot Peppers [dailymail.co.uk, via bigthink, who doesn't even namecheck NickMom in his regurgitation of the Social Security Administration data that was released to the entire world a couple of weeks ago, via dt reader jjdaddy-o]

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