May 23, 2013

Gnarly Vintage Burl Kids Chair


For all you Napa redwood cabin-in-the-forest dwellers who already have wacked out kid chairs carved from a single piece of walnut burl, my apologies, feel free to skip this post.

For the rest of you, HOLY SMOKES WHAT IS THIS THING??! This kid's chair is not signed or marked, but Rago auctioneers are attributing it to JB Blunk, the master ceramicist and woodworker who had a thing in the 60's for neo-primitive burl. [Check out The Planet, the 2-ton sculpture/bench/plaything Blunk carved from a single, massive redwood burl in 1969, which is installed at the Oakland Museum of California. Crazy days.]

June 9, 2013, Lo 821: J.B. BLUNK (Attr.), Sculpted solid walnut burl child's chair, 1960s, est. $3-4,000 UPDATE: sold for $7,500. [ragoarts]

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That. Is. Amazing.

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