May 7, 2013

OG French School Desk At Kinder Modern


It is Design Week Mayhem in New York this week. As I was looking through the exhibitors at the Collective .1 Design Fair, I noticed that in addition to my kid-savvy buddy Patrick from Mondo Cane, there is both an open kids area, and at least one vintage kids design specialist. Kinder Modern is pretty new, not just new to me; designers Lora Appleton and Bachman Brown Clem are based in New York City, but their inventory has an interesting mix, definitely not just the usual suspects.

There's Karin Mobring's 1963 playtable & chairs for Ikea; some of those Russian mystery ply rockers; and this awesome, little 50s French school desk, which comes with a matching chair. I love the perforated metal shelf underneath. For some reason I am really feeling perforated metal right now.

Anyway, if you're on the Hudson this week, check them out, and if you spot any interesting kidstuff, drop us a line.


UPDATE And just like that, Lora from kinder Modern sends along a photo of their booth, complete with a giant photo of Klaus Graube's rope chair. My favorite has to be the awesomely Juddy Tripolino table & stools up top, by the awesomely named Primo Marghitola. Grazie!

1950s Industrial French Child's Desk & Chair [kindermodern via Collective .1 Design Fair, May 8-11, 2013, Pier 57 at 15th St [collectivedesignfair]

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