April 24, 2013

This Is Not A Drill. Should I Teach The Kids The McCrew Dance?

Alright, so we know that McDonald's Japan has made this McCrew Dance video to virally recruit the Kids Of Today to work there. This is not my concern.

But there is also a McCrew Dance instructional video. Which makes me wonder:

I have two small, kawaii, blonde children. They are both really quite good dancers. They could learn the McCrew Dance in a day.

It would be very kawaii. If I were to post a video of their kawaii McCrew Dance on YouTube, it's possible they could become Japanese viral video celebrities by the time they get there.

How might this impact their experience and our family vacation? Would this really only make it slightly more inconvenient to visit McDonald's? What are the upsides and downsides?

I ask you, fellow 21st century parents, how can we know the right time and place for exploiting our children for viral marketing purposes? Your insights are greatly appreciated.

1 Comment

Sorry, but I'm too busy teaching my girls the New Zealand haka to comment.

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