April 22, 2013

Stroll Your Cares Away With The Mark Maclaren!


So far they haven't taken me up on my suggestion to do a co-branded stroller with BP, but Maclaren is now rolling in style on Madison Avenue.

The Mark hotel and residences on the Upper East Side are delighted to announce that guests at the luxury landmark will have customized The Mark Maclaren strollers available for their use.

Maclaren outfitted their Globetrotter, basically the lightweight Volo with a partially reclining seat, with a canopy and cushion finished in The Mark's signature stripe fabric. Is that by Jacques Grange? I believe it is!

For the youngest guests, The Mark also provides a delightful gift tote* from Zittles, the in-store toy boutique at Zitomer's, and a custom Mark bath toy. Which all sounds much more manageable than The Pierre. We stayed there once during construction, and they brought the kid a giant bucket of chocolate&candy-covered pretzels. She was sugar-high as a kite.

Don't even get me started on The Plaza.

The Mark Hotel [themarkhotel.com via their delightful publicists]
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* half-gallon of juice sold separately.


What I really want to know is how they kept the stroller from tipping over with the bag full of bottles hanging on the back. (Or, how heavy is that Teddy Bear.)

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