April 14, 2013

Silverplated Miffy Bank


So I spotted these kind of awesome, silver Miffy banks in the NY Times this afternoon, and for a while, I worried the difficulty in tracking them down was because this Parisian jewelry designer Marie-Helene de Telliac has hoovered them all up to make her bookstack Miffy frieze.

But I found them, because that's what I do. And here they are.


They're produced by Zilverstad, a large silver and metalware manufacturer in Dick Bruna's home country, the Netherlands, and they're just the awesomest of a very large collection of Miffyware in stainless steel and silverplate.

15cm Spardose/Money Box "Miffy" by Zilverstad, EUR 35,99 [amazon.de]
Simplicity of Luxury [nytimes t magazine]


The books are grouped by color, sorted by size and then stacked in perfect piles. The Miffys are lined up like soldiers facing the same direction with exactly equal spacing between. Somehow living this way is called "Luxury of Simplicity."

I'd say having a book stylist on retainer could be rationalized as a simple luxury.

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