April 8, 2013

Project OBJECT's Mid-Century Kid Sale At Fab.com


Remember last fall when that sweet, mime-lookin' Antonio Vitali puppet turned up? Well, he's back. And now he can be yours.

Georgia-based design aficionado Aaron Cohen, who found the puppet, just launched a week-long, kid-design-themed sale at Fab.com, and the puppet's in it. Also for sale: a lot of great books and vintage toys; a copy of Antonio Vitali's monograph; these sweet, painted blocks [which are, alas, already sold] and on and on.

A few of the toys are in boxes, just like the collectors like'em, and a few are pretty seriously played with, which frees parents of today to let the kids of today continue beating them to hell.

Cohen's new site, project OBJECT, seems focused on mid-century graphic design and ephemera; maybe there'll be more kids stuff mixed in going forward.

project OBJECT Shop | Fab.com Preview [projectobjectshop via aaron]
project OBJECT mid-century design delights Apr 8-15 [fab.com via dt reader nathan]

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