April 5, 2013

Kids Cardboard Lifestyle: The Cardboard Collective


Seriously, kids go through so much stuff, so quickly, it really all should be made of cardboard. And then it's like, seriously, just make that yourself.

Which is a severe underselling of the awesomeness of Tokyo expat Amber's kids & cardboard projects blog, The Cardboard Collective.

It all started, as so many things in Japan do, with a mook: Amber came across a how-to guide for making cardboard kids' furniture, and decided to whip up the playtable and chairs for her two little daughters [above].

Two years later, the Collective is a major node in the global cardboard lifestyle network, with mecha-kawaii projects like making floppy little cars out of corks; hosting neighborhood cardboard playdates, and my own favorite [after the OG table & chairs, of course]: this sweet kids dresser system made from upcycled kiwi boxes.


The mooks that got the ball rolling, btw, were called パパママつくって! [Papa, Mama, Make it!] by Ishukura Hiroyuki, and were published by NHK. パパママつくって!遊べる学べる段ボールおもちゃ, Play & Learn Cardboard Toys, came out in 2009, and パパママつくって!かわいい段ボール家具, Cute Cardboard Furniture was released in 2006. Amber had sold a few copies on etsy at one point, but now you'll have to fend for yourselves on Amazon Japan or wherever.

The Cardboard Collective [thecardboardcollective]
Stackable Cardboard Dressers for Kids [thecardboardcollective]


I have the cardboard kids furniture books up for sale again in my Etsy shop. Cardboard construction/ Japanese craft book support included:


Hate to be that guy, but there's a broken link in paragraph 2.
Thanks for sharing this. I think my son's going to totally dig some of these projects!

d'oh, thanks, that guy, I didn't realize I broke that when doing the new post. Click all day, though, they're fixed now.

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