April 3, 2013

Tokyo Street Art Coloring Pages By A Small Lab


Gaijin-turned-Edo-ko anthropologist Chris Berthelsen has spent years documenting the stickers, stencils, tags and graffiti of various neighborhoods around Shinjuku and Shibuya for his Tokyo Street Art Research Project.

Until now the best way to see the fruits of his labors was to dive into his sprawling sets of photos on flickr, 5,500 and counting, or maybe try a self-guided tour following his hand-drawn maps.

But Berthelsen's A Small Lab has just put out a 180-page set of Tokyo Street Art coloring pages, which you can print out for your kids to caption or assemble into their own stories.


The electronic format gives you the flexibility to create your own "Safe For English Speakers" editions. Though there are probably worse ways for your kid to learn the f-bomb than from the first page of her indie Japanese street art coloring book, the effect when she drops it at preschool is the same.

Coincidentally, DT reader/hero/Tokyoite Amber sent the link to Berthelsen's street art photo project just as my friends at Wooster Collective announced a major breakthrough in how street art photos are commercialized and distributed. Given that the TSARP has been an open-sourced labor of love since at least 2009, I'm inclined to grandfather it in.

update from Tokyo: Chris responds to the post:

Thanks for putting this up - I really appreciate the support.
Thanks also to Amber from thecardboardcollective.

As you mentioned, all the original photos of are up on Flickr.

All of the colouring-in pages are also up on Flickr here:

Easy to get for free, but putting the package up for sale is just a way people can get them in an easy format and show support/recognise my time and effort (in addition to the work of the original artists) :)

Color on!

Tokyo Graffiti Research Project; also on flickrThe Cardboard Collective]
Tokyo Street Art Colouring-In Pages, $3.50, srsly [gumroad]

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