March 29, 2013

Carnie Baby Daddy Ryan Gosling


Hey Girl, Let Me Rob Some Banks To Support You And Our Kid

From the NY Times review of The Place Beyond The Pines which will set tumblr afire:

Luke (Ryan Gosling), first glimpsed as a tattoo-covered torso striding away from the camera, shows up with his seedy, itinerant fairground crew and encounters Romina (Eva Mendes), with whom he had a fling the last time he was in town. When he finds out that his wild oat has sprouted into a baby named Jason, Luke decides to stick around, insisting that he and Romina and Jason can be a family, even though Romina lives with another man (Mahershala Ali). To win her over and support his child, Luke, with the help of a local mechanic (the excellent Ben Mendelsohn), starts robbing banks, speeding away on his motorcycle.
The film also features Bradley Cooper as a cop with a baby son, and the dads and kids' fates are somehow intertwined in a way that Tony Scott does not want to reveal.

But with a runtime of 2.5+ hours, I suspect this is one dad-related film that most new parents will see only in animated gif format, or next year on Netflix.

The Place Beyond The Pines, directed by Derek Cianfrance [nyt]
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