March 27, 2013

Hands-On! Robert Mapplethorpe Children's Museum


This story is going viral so fast it's like--uh, actually, no. Though Theo Nion's report makes the new Robert Mapplethorpe sounds like a barrel o' edutaining LULZ, there really are no good virus jokes to be had here:

Additionally, sources noted that many patrons waited in line for 40 minutes for a chance to meet the museum's mascot, Leather Daddy, a large costumed character who poses for pictures with children and allows them to playfully yank on his slave leash.

"The great thing is that these kids are receiving an education about art and photographic composition, but they're just having so much fun putting each other in wrist and ankle restraints or inserting their forearms up a replica human anus that they don't even realize they're learning," said third-grade teacher Lynnette Fuller, one of a number of educators who have brought their students to the museum as a field trip. "Each one of the domination fetish exhibits really engages and stimulates students' imaginations."

Robert Mapplethorpe Children's Museum Celebrates Grand Opening [onion]
image: Robert Mapplethorpe, Brian Ridley and Lyle Heeter, 1979 [via]

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I saw that today and wondered how long it would be before some Congressman from Iowa would be condemning from the floor of the House this waste of taxpayer monies.

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