March 1, 2013

Personalized Dutch Belly Bands


From a purely practical standpoint, a belly band can keep a pregnant tummy warm--and can close the growing gap between too-short shirt and lowriding pants. I wish the guy who kept getting into the overhead bin right above me on my flight back from Utah a couple of weeks ago had one.

From a personalization standpoint, though, I don't know. The "Made in New York" seems like a little TMI, and the "Made by Simon" and "Tom did it" ones, well, until the tests come back, we really don't know, right? Maybe a "Who did it."

De Website voor buikbanden - Persoonlijke buikbanden, €13.95 [buikbanden, via some random dutch parenting messageboard, which, more later]

1 Comment

I like the made in New York one!

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