February 27, 2013

Hey FB Dads, What Did You Do With Your 'Baby Cash'?

In the most cursory of roundups of parental leave policies at various [three large] technology firms, the NY Times mentions that Facebook not only provides 16 weeks paid leave for all full-time employees who become parents. The company also gives "$4,000 in 'baby cash' for each child born to them or adopted."

So what do you use the money for? Does receiving a wad of "baby cash" just help outfit a nursery? Does it go straight into a 529 plan? Does it spur the sale of Bugaboos? Or does it make people lose their minds and buy crazy-whimsical-useless things like bassinets?

Does Facebook's "baby cash" program inspire other tech firms in town to offer similar perks? Do startups have "baby stock" plans that grant you an extra chunk of shares?

Tell us about it in the comments, or via email. Your privacy/anonymity will be respected, which, the fact that I even mention it only underscores the distance between this operation and Facebook.

Parental Leave Policies at Some Big Technology Firms [nyt]

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